2008, A Special Meaning For Our Club
Sunday, 8 June, 2008

After our outstanding inaugural year in 2007 having won the Men’s Stanley Open Expatriate B category and almost doubling our membership base in 2008, the Club’s eyes were firmly focused on “The Giant Egg Cup”, the Men’s Stanley Open A title.

Race preparations were going to plan and form looked promising in the lead up to the big race in Stanley on 8 June, 2008. Then, on Monday, 12 May, 2008, tragedy struck Sichuan, China where a massive earthquake devastated the region, killing tens of thousands of people and erasing many mountain towns and villages.

The Fair Dinkum community was moved and humbled by the heartbreak and misfortune of others and immediately stepped into gear, leading a fundraising drive to help those affected by the devastation. Rather than simply asking for donations, in true Fair Dinkum style, the Club decided to do even more and put members heads on the line, so to speak. Fair Dinkum mobilized quickly into action and a call for volunteers was made, asking members to participate in the Fair Dinkum “Shave to Save” campaign, shaving their heads as a small gesture for the loss others had experienced.

Word spread and more of the Clubs members, family and friends added their support to the cause, with people donating to ensure our volunteers committed to the challenge! As such, after race day at Stanley on 8 June, following a respectable placing of 3rd in the Men’s B Category, eight brave members of the team donated their finely coifed hair and shaved their heads to raise funds for the cause.

Hair donators:
– Alvin Lai
– Herbert Lam
– Ian Cheng
– Kai-Tai Ng
– Michael Chow
– Philbert Chin
– Simon Lee
– Thomas Ho

In doing so, our Club, our members and the family and friends of Fair Dinkum, as one, raised over HKD$245,000 in cash donations to the UNICEF Sichuan Earthquake Relief.

This still stands as one of the proudest achievements in the Club’s history.

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