Dodgeball – If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball

And as we demonstrated in our first year, we couldn’t dodge either, but did we give a s**t?

No, ‘cos we had a freakin’ good time and a truck load of laughs.

Fair Dinkum proudly took out The Wooden Spoon in our inaugaral year, finishing stone cold last, with zero wins on the board.

But as a wise man once said, the only way is up, which at the time not only proved to be a no-risk statement, but a visionary one at the same time, as our Dodgeball Dream Team went from strength-to-strength each year in the competition.

FD Gold Rush
After joining the Hong Kong Dodgeball league in April 2008, FD had its most successful season this year with a rush of GOLD.

This Spring FD entered two mixed teams and two women’s teams in a league that has in total over 30 teams and 300 players.

The FD Cobras and FD Average Joes mixed teams WON gold in Division 2 & 3. This adds to the previous 2 gold medals FD had won in past seasons.

FD Cobras after winning the GOLD medal

FD Average Joes after winning GOLD medal

Special mentions must go to the stars of both teams for an outstanding season. For the FD Cobras Chris for his amazing catches (indeed ‘Catches do win matches’!) and to the young guns of the team in Lawrence, Bobby and Brian for their killer throws.

As for the FD Average Joes, Vincenzo for his ‘Controlled’ aggression and Derek for being the ultimate TEAM player.

Of course, both mixed teams could not have been so successful if it were not for the girls of the team (Shan Shan, Dee, Kelly & Francis).

We also must not forget the veterans’ of the FD teams having been there since the beginning and still playing like they were in their 20’s (Alvin, Simon, Colin & Francis).

FD is looking forward to having more fun on the court in the coming seasons. If you are interested in playing, please contact Bobby on the club’s email address

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