Out Of This World

Travel is such a wonderful thing – seeing different countries, visiting historical places and learning new drinking games.

Ever observant, our most loved Chairman to-date, Alvin “The Negotiator”, returned from a ‘business trip’ ( *cough* – *[email protected]* – *cough* ) to Korea, bringing back with him the Apollo 13.

Simply put, the drink is shaped like a space shuttle, with a wide tumbler glass as the foundation / base, stacked with a smaller glass and then ultimately a shot glass at its peak.

The objective – to down the contents within 13 seconds.

Step 1
Prepare the whiskey shot
Step 2
Prepare the structure

Step 3

Pour a bottle of beer lovingly into the shot, in turn spilling like a waterfall from glass-to-glass

Step 4 – D-R-I-N-K-!

And so the FD Apollo 13 was introduced to our club, which after consuming, has created so many more stories, not publishable on this website, but if you check out our Facebook page, you’ll see everything!!!!

Consulting the FD Apollo 13 Astronaut log, the log states the following times:

7 sec – Captain Philbert
8 sec – Captain Alvin
10 sec (prev 11sec) – Command Centre Chief Colin
10.1 sec – Frankfooter
12.5 sec – Investor Mike
15 sec – Captain Chowy
17 sec – Carmen
24 sec – Crew Al
25.5 sec – Airman Byron
33 sec – Captain Kai Tai
43.5 sec – Retired Astronaut Captain Kerry (age: 60+ and still knocking them back!)
DNF* 1 – First Astronaut Clara
DNF* 2 – First Astronaut Clara
DNS** 1 – First Astronaut Clara. T-A-X-I-!-! Game over before attempt #3

*: Did Not Finish
**: Did Not Start

Latest official standing, as of 14 April 2010.

Next flight schedule: To be determined – fasten your seat belts!!!!

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