Fair Dinkum’s Up Town Girls

Sunday, 30 October, 2011

The Annual Hong Kong Sedan Chair Race is a 2.1km uphill race to the summit of the peak. It might sound like a quick dash but, as anyone who has tried it will attest, it’s a seriously grueling physical challenge.

Thankfully, for 2011, FD’s girls romped home to victory. Our lovely ladies came in as champions of the category B fun challenge. The team, Fair Dinkum’s Showtime Rock n’ Row, carried a sedan chair laden with 10 kg of rice to the top in just 13 minutes and five seconds.

Not only did the girls take home the silverware, they annihilated last years time by 47 seconds, defending their overall position of 3rd place among the ladies teams. All that gym time has paid off!

Wearing tattoo pattern long sleeves tops, colorful hair extensions, fish net stockings and, of course, hot pants, the FD girls had a cool attitude to go along with their healthy looking figures. Naturally, the team was first runner up in the best dressed award. Even better, impressed by the outfits, the Peak Galleria has requested an FD Showtime Rock n’ Row mannequin be displayed there.

As usual, the media “darling” was interviewed by press. See the clip taped for ATV World news here – be warned – no fast forward button and the clip starts around 6:32.

No FD event is complete without a song and dance. So, with only slightly more than one hour of rehearsal, the FD girls performed in front of judges, media and an enthusiastic audience. The girls caught a lot of attention, even HK’s local famous TV actor “Chai 9” demanded a photo with our lovelies. Not only that, the team pulled in a massive amount for charity, making the event all the more meaningful.

Without doubt, the Sedan Chair Race gave FD a chance to display many of it’s talents off the water and do its’ bit for charity fund raising in Hong Kong.

Congratulations to the ladies of Showtime Rock n’ Row!

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