Dragonboat Annual Awards Dinner 2011
Against the al fresco backdrop of Scirocco’s outdoor verandah, Fair Dinkum’s dragonboat crew gathered in Soho to enjoy the great food of our sponsor’s Mediterranean restaurant.

It was a refreshing sight to see all our paddlers dressed in something other than shorts, flip flops and singlets – some of the guys actually scrub up not half bad in civilian clothes and our gals looked stunning in their power corporate clothes and dresses.

It didn’t take long for the effect of happy hour prices to kick-in, as the crew began ordering rounds of refreshments, whilst at the same time perusing through the range of trophies up for grabs in the auction, scheduled for later that evening.

Along with the auction, ably hosted by our MC’s Tom and Kelly, the evening saw the club present awards to our outstanding performers for 2011.

At the start of the season, who were we to know that these ‘diamonds in the rough’ would eventually turn into some of the club’s most valuable members.

Congratulations to our award winners:
– Rookie of the year – Charlie
– Paddler of the year – Stef
– Most improved paddler of the year – Alan

As trays of shots began appearing, the auction kicked off. Interested buyers began closely inspecting trophies won this year, evaluating some of the finer aspects of these highly valued items, such as shininess, weight, ability to see own reflection, alternative use (eg. as a coaster for beer mug at home).

Some keen investors were even seen busily on the phone arranging credit lines and negotiating spousal approval for “late home” visa extensions, in anticipation of a competitive bidding situation and even more vodka shots.

After fierce bidding, magically managed by Tom and Kelly, the club successfully managed to raise sufficient funds to contribute to our seriously malnourished P&L, with the most sought after trophy, the 2011 HK Internationals trophy, going for a hefty price to Adrian, who I’m sure woke up the next day to an email invoice from our club Treasurer, with vague memories of bidding against himself at one stage.

Well done Tom, Kelly!!

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