Tutti Phan – Fair Dinkum Crew, Through And Through
Tuesday, 11 October, 2011
It was with much shock and sadness that we learnt of the passing our our friend and team mate, Thu Than Phan (Tutti). Tutti first joined our happy family when we started the club and it was with ease that she fit in with her broad smile permanently on, matched only by her consistently positive attitude.

As a member of the Club, Tutti brought much joy to the team at trainings and drinks, often being there to keep the boys in line with her charm and wit. In addition, she was a star volunteer within the club, offering to provide sponsorship (Amelzonia) to the team in our infancy.

Outside of the club, Tutti also found time to lead a fulfilling life, with her heavy involvement as a Director at Child’s Dream, a non-profit charity dedicated to empowering marginalised children and youth in the Mekong Sub-Region.

After several seasons, Tutti was forced to quit paddling to concentrate on her health, however tragically, Tutti passed away on Tuesday, 11 October, 2011 after fighting a battle against cancer for more than two years.

Fittingly, Tutti’s ashes were cast into the North Sea, returning to the water that she loved so much.

Tutti was 32 years old and leaves behind her husband Stéphane and their eight month old son Raphael.

Rest in Peace Tutti

We love you

All of us from Fair Dinkum Club

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