World Class Performance from Fair Dinkum
Monday, 18 July, 2011

The biggest event this season, with over 200 local teams and 40+ teams from all over the world, 16 of which comprised of Canada (former World Champions), the China National Team, Macau National Team, HK Team, Thailand team, Royal Navy from Australia and Taiwan team to name just a few. Do you think FD were intimidated???….Damn right we were!!!

To quote an ancient western saying though:
We came, we saw, we kicked (its) [email protected]@!” …Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters, 1984 …

Our teams performed FANTASTICLY, being crowned Champions and winning the Gold Medal in two events, including an international category:

The ANZ Banking & Finance Cup (Local Event) First place: Sovereign Trust Fair Dinkum crowned Champions ahead of BOC, ANZ, HSBC, Goldman etc just to name a few.

The Sa Sa HK International Open Silver Plate Final (International Event) First place: Sovereign Trust Fair Dinkum crowned Champions ahead of local and international teams – far too many to list here…

Other equally proud performances from our club included:
(a) Fair Dinkum Heartbreakers (our H-O-T Womens team *grrrrroowr*)
– 3rd Runners Up in the Sa Sa HK Women’s small boat category; and
(b) Fair Dinkum Movers (Mixed A Team)
– 3rd Runners up in the Sa Sa HK Internationals Mixed Silver Plate Final

It should be said that our on water performance was matched only by our land based performance, where FD uncovered dormant dance skills within the membership base, possibly forged at many a mardi gras party in Sydney.   Although the pelvic thrusts and “The Sprinkler” moves were probably not as emphatic or fluid as may have been performed in younger days, our FD exhibitionists still drew a large audience and many admirers, mostly clad in long grey overcoats, dark glasses and fedora hats.

Thankfully, and as usual, it was up to the FD Girls in the club to raise the bar from “crass” to “class” as they stole the limelight in their Bat Girl outfits to end up walking away as 1st-Runners Up in the Fancy Costume Race.   As camera shy as we are, the attention of the lens could not help but be captivated by our club hotties, with bags of interview and press coverage.

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