Many Hands Make Light Work

So many factors go into making a successful club work, from the colour and design of our uniforms, to how hot the fellow members are in the club.

But seriously, as cliche as it may sound, the key ingredients to Fair Dinkum’s success (to date…) is from:
– Fantastic sponsors
– A tireless committee
– Our passionate members and alumni


When it comes to our sponsors, you know you’ve found yourselves great partners when you can bring glory to their names and share a drink with them at the finale party.

During the peak (or depth, depending on whether your glass is half full / empty) of the financial crisis, our sponsors have stayed with us, believed in us and continued to provide the club much needed and appreciated financial and non-financial sponsorship.

Every little bit counts and the club really does appreciate it, is responsible with what it has been given and hopes our sponsors feel valued.

We pro-actively work with our sponsors to find ways Fair Dinkum can give back, including inviting members and alumni to sponsor events, arranging functions at sponsor venues and introducing new business ideas to our sponsors where possible.


Grand ideas and best intentions are only half the equation because what counts just as much, if not more, is proper execution and this falls on the shoulders of out tireless Committee who whilst balancing demanding jobs to pay for drinks and party in Hong Kong (oh, and pay the rent…!), also find time to get things done so the entire club can enjoy. These people make our precious sponsorship funds go further, begging for discounts, door-knocking for favours, booking facilities, sending reminder emails, designing uniforms and the list goes on. It is this core collection of die-hards each year that create the spirit, culture and attitude of the club.


Most of all, our fate rides and falls on our members, for without them, there is no club! They provide the fun, the excitement, the craziness and finally, the results. Many a time have we called on the membership base to volunteer on public holidays or use weekends to do things like arrive at race venues at 5am to ensure the club has prime position on race day, purchase 150 bananas for paddlers, cut and paste clues for FD Rush, organise catering and much, much more.

With these key factors working well together, our club is unstoppable and capable of balancing fun, team spirit, charity and results, all-in-one.

We hope you can join in the team, as a sponsor, member, supporter or just fellow party-goer.

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