DRAGONBOAT - Timing, Timing, Timing!

Twenty plus people on one boat, paddling in perfect unison. It's a wonder that the thing ever gets out of first gear.

Lucky for FD, one of our pre-conditions for new paddlers joining the dragonboat team is that they must possess outstanding rhythm.

The great thing about paddling is it can be jovial and relaxing, or it can be power packed and physical. Our dragonboat squad happens to be able to balance both, by always remembering that whether we're competitive or not:
- everyone gets a chance to paddle; and
- we always have fun.

Fair Dinkum has always had success using this simple formula, with the club winning the Expatriate B Cup final in our first year (2007). Absolutely nobody had heard of us, yet with teamwork, real team spirit and everyone paddling for each other, we took out the final.

Our crews now compete in some of the top divisions of all tournaments, locally and overseas, paddling against professional squads who are paid to paddle for their livelihood.

Our more social teams are pivotal to our success though, working together with our competitive teams to "keep us real" and retain the Fun in "FD". It's our social team, that really provide the foundation for the entire squads success. ________________________________________________________________________

Annual Dinner
- 2011


Local Hong Kong competitions
Aberdeen Fisherman Race – Aug, 2011

Hong Kong Internationals:
- 2010
- 2011

Overseas competitions
Shandong - Sep, 2011:
- trip wrap up

Zhuhai - May, 2011:
- trip wrap up











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