Hong Kong Internationals - 2010

WOW! What a weekend!! What can I say! I think when I say that the World has met and come to know Fair Dinkum, I am not exaggerating! I am so so proud of Fair Dinkum…so proud of the members (each and every one of you). Without any one of you….we could not have done it!  I am sure all of you that participated thoroughly enjoyed yourself and we all got closer as one big happy family!

First of all, thank you to all the FD members for coming on time both days. I know it was a big big ask to ask people to wake up at the crack of dawn (correction, when it was still dark) and getting to TST by 6:30am! We knew we were going up against very tough competition with some of the best teams in the world attending. Just to give everybody a sense of the competition:

1.      Canadian (False Creek) team A & B. They were the world champion crew in 2008 and represented Canada.
2.      Taiwan national team
3.      Thailand national team
4.      Royal Australian Navy
5.      HK National Team
6.      China Jiujang Team (champion team in China and represented China)
7.      Italian team
8.      Japan Nano (Ishikawa) team. Japan’s champion team
9.      Also teams from US, Philippines, Germany etc

All in all, a total of 28 national teams.

There were also the best teams in HK competing, bringing a total of close to 200 teams.

Special mention on the following memorable events throughout the weekend:

1.      The Fair Dinkum Movers getting into the Silver Cup Final. Although we only came 8th in the final, I believe it was a commendable effort. Not only were we competing against the best in the world, but to even get to the final, we were ranked 13th overall out of a total of 54 teams (international and local). Comments from our friends (Stanley Old Boys) were that they believe it was the best race we have done so far this season. They were watching from the shore and our timing was great. We were inching closer with every stroke in the longs. Unfortunately we didn’t have any steam left in the last 100m.
2.      The Fair Dinkum Groovers getting into the Silver Plate Final and coming 5th. Again, to qualify we were ranked 29th out of 54 teams. The team is improving with every race. Well done.
3.      The Fair Dinkum Men’s team. We were leading in the Banking & Financial Cup Final with about 100 meters to go (by at least 1/2 to 1 boat length) but unfortunately we flipped and our boat sank. I am sure it was a great experience for the FD Men’s team to swim together in Victoria Harbour.  As we all know, anything can happen in a race!
4.      How can we not mention our Storm Troopers (Captain Al Mok and Drill Sergeant Rodney). I believe they were really the highlights of the whole International Races. I am not exaggerating when I say you guys got more media attention and coverage than any of the other international teams put together!  You guys also won the Bathtub Race. I think you are the only team ever in the history of dragon boat that WON the race by: (i) NOT FINISHING 1st; (ii) SINKING AND FLIPPING THE BOAT; (iii) TURNING THE BOAT AROUND; and (IV) STOPPING IN THE MIDDLE FOR PICTURES!!!  We will forever be known as Star Wars Fair Dinkum!!
5.      FD having 3 representatives (Rodney, Al and Jon) compete in the Beer Challenge. Of course we were positioned 1st, 2nd and 3rd with Rodney taking out the 1st price.
6.      San Miguel making a killing at the beer stalls since FD members decided to have beer fights!!

In terms of coverage, we were definitely the most popular team there. Not only are our photos everywhere in the papers (Apple Daily) and also the internet, we were interviewed and also televised on TV by:

1.      TVB – check it out on TVB.com
2.      ATV – check out Al’s 5min interview
3.      Interview by Hunan TV
4.      Interview by Cable TV
5.      Interview by the Travel Channel of National Geographic
6.      Interviewed by Taiwan TV

I know I will have forgotten some but special thanks and mention to go to the following:

1.      May for baking the delicious cakes
2.      Lee for arranging the music throughout the day.
3.      Michelle/Kin/Adam for buying the ice and keeping our drinks cold throughout the day
4.      Michelle and Winndie helping carry the water to our thirsty paddlers.
5.      Cindy for carrying all our valuables and taking photos on Saturday. We know how heavy the dry bag was;
6.      Tom Ho and Emma for carrying our valuables around on Sunday;
7.      Kris and her FD angels for making us look hot and pretty;
8.      Mark, Herbie and Lee for making FD look ugly as hell with your devil costume
9.      Al and Rodney for promoting FD as our official 2010 Media [email protected]!
10.  Phil for arranging all the boats during the weekend.
11.  Finally, a SPECIAL THANK YOU to ALL OF FD MEMBERS for making it one of the BEST races we have had the whole season!!!










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