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Fair Dinkum is a non-profit club formed in 2007 by a group of highly motivated and community oriented (yet athletically challenged) friends living in Hong Kong, who all share a passion for dragon boat racing, work-life balance and happy hour at Lan Kwai Fong.

Having paddled under the auspices of a variety of sponsors in past lives, it was the inspiration of Fair Dinkum's founding Chairman, Edwin Morris, for the group to take control of their own destiny and form an organisation with objectives that all could identify with, namely:
- To organize and facilitate sporting and recreational activities for its members (starting with dragon boat racing);
- To help fellow new arrivees in Hong Kong better integrate into local society and culture by taking part in such activities; and most importantly
- To promote friendship.

Following the decision to form a club, things moved quickly and Fair Dinkum successfully had over 45 members join in its inaugural year, backed by the generous support of sponsors, friends and family.

Fair Dinkum had set an aggressive plan by competing in six major dragon boat tournaments in 2007, including Hong Kong's two biggest dragon boat events, the Hong Kong Stanley International Dragon Boat Races and the 10th Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races.

To the surprise of well established dragon boat teams and more so for the founding members, Fair Dinkum collected a total of 13 trophies in multiple categories – Mixed, Men's and Open for various race distances. The most prized trophy was the Men's Expat B Cup at the Hong Kong Stanley Internationals.

The club works for the benefit of its sponsors and members and hopes that more people can join in the fun and future activities that make Fair Dinkum what it is today, so if you're interested in joining, then feel free to drop us a line!

And finally, the meaning of the club's name, you ask? "Fair Dinkum" is a colloquial Australian term that basically means "For Real" or "The Real Thing", which embodies the spirit the club is founded on:

Real about its members, Real about its purpose and Real about its supporters.









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