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And so it happened, my young padawin, that one balmy evening in downtown Hong Kong, over several deep fried dishes and alcoholic beverages, nine foolish men talking a lot of really good quality verbage, gave birth to Fair Dinkum (yes ladies, it is possible these days for men to give birth to one good idea, but you’re right, it did take nine of us).

So like a well oiled piece of German machinery, these nine highly motivated, yet intellectually challenged individuals, moved in unison to breath life into a grand idea.

The first year, always the toughest in any endeavour, the “Naughty Nine” as we shall refer to them as, called in every favour, phoned every friend, spoke with every neighbour, chatted up every chick, to make our launch party look packed and us not to look like a bunch of losers.

Obviously something went uncannily right that first launch party at the Priory (R.I.P), as in our inaugural season, our Club successfully onboarded 38 of the finest crew members a dragonboat team could ever have (until the following year, and the years after that).

As the club competed in the competitions leading upto the big race at Stanley, our members developed the very first FD warcry:

“We are Fair Dinkum!!”
“We came here to win!!”
“Somebody give me a hoo-haar…”

Unfortunately, no one had ever heard of us, no one knew what the meaning of “Fair Dinkum” meant and most of all, no one (especially us) took FD as a serious paddling threat, so in true club spirit, we changed the chant to:

“We are Fair Dinkum!!” – “WHO?!”
“We came here to win!!” -“WHAT?!”
“Somebody give me a hoo-haar…”
HOO-HAAR! / OOH-LAH-LAH (for the girls team)

Fair Dinkum then went on to shock the entire dragonboat community when our first year rookie mens crew won the Men’s B Gold Cup final.

But as they say though, behind every (freakin’) great men’s team, is a (freakin’) great women’s team. What can FD say?….our girls R-O-C-K-!

Since then, I’m very, vewy, vewy proud to say that FD has gone from strength-to-strength, virtually doubling its membership base year-on-year. Importantly over this time though, we, our Sponsors, the Naughty Nine, and the other Naughty 100+, have not forgotten what’s most important to This Club:

Fantastic to have you on board  : )

The Naughty Nine

– Age, every girls “Toy-boy”
– Alvin “The Negotiator”
– Chowy, “It’s (MC) Hammer time”
– Edwin, “The Chairman”
– Frank “Nobody Fooks like Hoyee Fooks”
– Marky Mark and his funky bunch
– “Mr Universe” himself, Kai-Tai
– “Motown” Philly
– The one, the only, “Funky Col Medina”

Like a scene from a bad karaoke clip
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